NUG is one of Sweden’s most renowned and internationally reputed graffiti artist. The Swedish Minister of Culture publicly stated that Nugs work “is not art”. The Finnish Minister of Culture bought one of his pictures. Both statements should probably be considered as equally great acknowledgements of his work…


Nug studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm earning a Master of Arts degree in 2008. His Masters project, presented in 2008, “Territorial pissing” is a film showing a masked man spraying a subway car and the Stockholm station entrance. The project created a media storm when it was exhibited by an art gallery in February 2009, and led to widespread criticism of the Roayal Institute of Art. The criminal investigation against Nug was dropped in April 2009 since it was not clear if he is the masked man in the film.


My ambition is to transfer my personal experiences of; and my own relationship to; graffiti, to new media and environments, without losing the energy of the traditional graffiti bombing.

Graffiti is often being accused of being “just” territorial pissing, but this is what I’m trying to express by working with more ingredients than the usual graffiti letters in their usual context i.e. city and suburbs. I focus on the energy that is released performing graffiti and the energy that manifests itself in irrational lines and movements based on instinct and feeling. It may not look so nice or smells so good, but it’s nice to pee, and it is necessary for everyone, everywhere.


[2012] They Call Us Vandals group show, Poland
[2013] All My City In... Urban Landscapes through the Eyes of Graffiti Writers