Sepe Michał Wręga

Born in 1982 in Warsaw. Since 1996 related to graffiti and street art scene in Poland.

Graduated from Graphic Design department of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz in 2009. Currently lives and works in Warsaw as a freelance graphic designer, painter and illustrator.

Raised on traditional graffiti movement, inspired by book illustrations,  graphic and poster design, Sepe is searching for his individual art language mixing those influences on paper, canvases, and walls.

The artist took part in following Brain Damage projects and exhibitions:
[2002] Brain Damage Jam, Poland
[2003] Brain Damage Jam, Poland
[2010] Chopinium, Poland
[2011] Graffiti vs Street Art, group show, Poland
[2014] Polish Urban Art, group show, Poland, Sweden, France, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine

Backyard Don Kichote


Backyard Don hkgjkh

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