Chazme Daniel Kaliński

Born in 1980 in Laufen,Switzerland.
A graduate of Faculty of Architecture (Warsaw University of Technology). Painter, Muralist and Architect who currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

The artist took part in following Brain Damage projects and exhibitions:
[2002] Brain Damage Jam, Poland
[2003] Brain Damage Jam, Poland
[2010] Chopinium, Poland
[2011] Graffiti vs Street Art, group show, Poland
[2014] Polish Urban Art, group show, Poland, Sweden, France, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine
[2021] Wytnij - Wklej, duo show with Pawel Ryżko, Brain Damage Gallery

Megapolis: Funky Brutalism 2
Mix Media on Canvas, 2014
90x60 cm

Artist's work