He began to create his first stencils in the early 1980s. The list of his inspirations includes Berlin with its punk culture, squatting movements, and a vibrant graffiti scene, as well as film classics such as “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky, or the works of cyberpunk artists such as William Gibson. In his works, Czarnobyl creates a vision of a dystopian future, combining in his meticulously cut out stencils people’s portraits and machine illustrations. By layering, mirroring, overlapping, and redeveloping of his stencil works,  he managed to create his own language of forms, which is innovative, modern, and at the same time communicative.

Czarnonobyl took part in following Brain Damage Gallery exhibitions:
[2011] Graffiti vs Street Art
[2014] Polish Urban Art

Artist's work