27.10 - 30.11.2018Exhibition

Design in the service of social isolation

Is design political? May it support social isolation? Do its tools enable to maintain divisions, hierarchy and power in the society? What is the influence of design on the social and economic system?


We rarely speak of design in the context of the aforementioned questions. We do not bother to reflect upon it: we prefer to focus on the surface – aesthetic or functional – qualities. Convenience, comfort,  cool image or aesthetics are the terms which prevail in public debate. The questions, like: what is the aim, who will take advantage of it, who sets the rules, who is the user or what is the design process, are marginal. We are naive to believe in the apoliticism of park benches, public restrooms or bus stops. We consider them to be impressive town gadgets, unaffected by the politics or economy. 


On the exhibition, we will show the reality. Our goal is to present the works which demonstrate how  a particular design may contribute to social isolation, separate people from each other and be a tool of isolation and social divisions. Besides that, we will indicate how the measures, often not visible at the first sight or the ones which we are not aware of, may have a negative impact on the functioning of a city. We will open a debate on what is behind a design project and what is its process. We will investigate its multiple contexts. All this to bring back the political context of design and to demonstrate design strategies – in which case, we can point out less pleasant values and ideas behind the pleasant term ‘’design’’. 


Artists: BudCud, Grzegorz Layer, Palce Lizać, Projekt Podwórko
im. Wszystkich Mieszkańców, Supergut Studio

Curator: Michał Kubieniec


Saturday, 27th October 2018, 7:00PM
Brain Damage Gallery / Spotkania Kultur, Pl. Teatralny 1 (direct entrance from Skłodowskiej street, 7)

Exhibition open till 30th November 2018, Tuesday-Saturday 12-17

The project was organized with the support from the city of Lublin.

Spotkania Kultur

Media patronage:
Magazyn Miasta/ Cities Magazine


Oct 27th 2018, Sat. 7PM
Brain Damage Gallery
pl. Teatralny 1, Lublin, 
Centrum Spotkania Kultur