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'Modulations' is the most comprehensive discussion and explication of Sainer's work up to date. It offers insight into Sainer’s artistic tenets and his creative process but also reconstructs the path of his artistic development up to the present moment.


1) Sainer ‚Modulations’
Hand-signed by artist himself.
220 pages, 201x 151 mm, hardcover.
Authors: Sainer, Cezary Hunkiewicz. Graphic design: Kukugrafika.

2) Double-sided, 3 colour screen-printed, limited edition dust jacket.
48x64cm (18.9 x 25.2 in);
Obverse designed by Paweł Ryżko;
Reverse screen-print based on Sainer’s drawing, hand stamped.

3) Postcard
16x11,5 cm (6.3 x 4.5 in);
Limited edition postcard, created by Sainer for "Modulations Set".
Hot-stamped holographic artist’s signature on the bottom right.

4) Stickers & stamped envelope.

The publication offers a insight into the concept of modulation, mainly by including chapters showing Sainer’s selected sketches, used by him as the basis for his selected paintings, murals, and drawings. The publication contains selected murals, all the paintings and drawings featured on the exhibition Modulations, documentation of Sainer’s album Sketchbook 14-18, together with its limited edition, as well as their details, which had been chosen by the author himself. The special feature of the present publication is an extended conversation between Sainer and Cezary Hunkiewicz entitled “Painting as a Challenge”.

Each copy of the book will be hand-signed by Sainer himself.

There are many more surprises waiting for those who pre-order Modulations on Sunday.

Sainer ‚Modulations’
220 pages, 201x 151 mm, hardcover.
Authors: Sainer, Cezary Hunkiewicz
Graphic design: Kukugrafika [Paweł Ryżko, Sainer]
Language: English, Polish
Paper: Munken Pure Rough 120 g/m², Magno Volume 150 g/m²
Published by Brain Damage Gallery

Sainer 'Modulations'

Available: Sunday, Feb. 7th, 2021.
8PM (CET) // 7PM (GMT) // 2PM (EST) // 11AM (PST)

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